Patent Specification „Composition for Hydrophobizing Construction Materials and their application“

By developing a highly stable, pasty cream emulsion the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG was able to launch a new highly effective horizontal barrier. This supports again our position as a technical leader in this field with the product range of KÖSTER Crisin:

With a patent that was recently approved by the German patent office, we were able to secure a technology with a water-in-oil-emulsion. Due to the lipophilic (oily) surface, the material meets the key parameters for a horizontal barrier. It coats the mineral surfaces excellently – superior to any other technologies on the market which use oil-in-water-emulsions or pure water or silicate based materials.

Therefore, KÖSTER Crisin Cream is comparable to the effectiveness of KÖSTER Crisin Concentrate and is thus the only cream available on the market providing these particular features.

In contrast to existing technologies on the market, the material is resistant to salts in the wall. The product is solvent free. With KÖSTER Crisin Cream and KÖSTER Crisin Concentrate there are now two product systems available that solve rising damp issues without the use of solvents. The patent includes some additional features that give us opportunities for new product developments in the future.

The advantages over other products are the unrestricted stability of the emulsion on the surface of the construction materials and even in case of high salt concentrations and in relation to the water content in the wall. A sustainable hydrophobization can be achieved.

KÖSTER Crisin Cream meets the crucial requirements for horizontal barriers:

1) The active substances must be able to permeate the capillary structure deeply to cut off the capillary water transport through hydrophobization.

2) To be qualified for interior use, the combination of active substances cannot contaminate the room air with solvent residues.Therefore, the final products need to be free of solvents.

3) The mixture of active substances has to remain on the surface of the construction material as long as possible, therefore it has to exhibit a sufficient stability in terms of creating a homogeneous horizontal barrier that allows no bypasses, even with high moisture penetration levels. Ideally, the material is a paste that can fill the drill holes evenly.

4) The combination of active substances has to be effective even when there is no alkalinity present in the construction material, so highly burnt materials such as clinker can be hydrophobized.

With the particular chemical and physical composition of KÖSTER Crisin Cream, this product meets all demands that are mentioned above.


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