Roof waterproofing with MS polymer liquid membranes

1 Concrete Repair
KÖSTER Betomor Multi A
KÖSTER Repair Mortar Plus
2 Primer
3 Installing fillets
4 Waterproofing wall / floor junctions
KÖSTER Superfleece
5 Waterproofing layer
KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie

For every job, the proper KÖSTER material can be used in combination, to provide a complete system for the renovation of leaking roof structures or in new construction. KÖSTER offers a state-of-the-art MS Polymer waterproofing material with numerous advantages compared to other liquid membranes available. This special product is a convenient ready to use material (1 component) for a seamless waterproofing coat, with simple application and a thixotropic consistency for slope and vertical areas.

The KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie adheres to multiple substrates, has an extraordinary UV resistance as proven by the acceleration tests results, and maintains its properties on temperatures between - 30 C to + 80 C. For a demanding waterproofing job, this special product offers > 500% elasticity and it is free of solvents or any other harmful substances.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines



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