Protecting concrete surfaces on bridges and aqueous environments

1 Surface Protection
KÖSTER Iperlan

The hydrophobization of structures is an important factor in protecting them from damage; thereby, increasing their lifespan. Corrosive contaminants and salts enter the structure and penetrate into the concrete when dissolved in water. By limiting the water uptake of structures, they can be protected from corrosive damage.

KÖSTER Iperlan is a highly effective hydrophobizing impregnation agent for concrete in civil engineering constructions, such as bridge heads, supporting walls, beams, as well as all exposed construction members, among others. It is used to reduce the penetration of substances harmful to concrete, such as chlorides or other aqueous media. Due to a combination of its composition and active ingredients, the material penetrates deep into the concrete structure and therefore, helps protect the reinforcement steel. KÖSTER Iperlan is a class II impregnation agent with an average penetration depth of approximately 2 cm.

The substrate must be dry, free of laitance, oils and fats. New concrete must cure for at least 28 days before application. The material can be applied with the KÖSTER Peristaltic Pump, other suitable spraying equipment, or with a brush.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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